Top Tips for Isolation Hair

Simon Houston of Houston Hair, helping our hair through lockdown. Check out his top tips below. 

1 – Use this time to give yourself a well deserved “Hair Holiday” staying away from colouring and heat will completely transform the condition of your hair.  Use treatments and get your hair feeling fantastic!  For everyone that has been refused a colour service because their hair was in bad condition…. this might be the break you needed to get the hair colour you’ve been dreaming about on your next salon visit!

2 – Think about a change of style!  What I am most excited about is going back to see all my clients with longer hair and an opportunity to change things up a bit!!! Get onto Instagram or google and pick out some new looks to bring to the salon…. It’s a myth that hairstylist’s don’t like clients bringing photos for inspo…  just pick out pictures of hair styles you like with similar hair colouring to yourself.  The exact same haircut can look different on different coloured hair.

3 – DO NOT colour your own hair!  I’m sure you have heard this time and time again over the past few weeks…  believe me it’s often a temporary solution that causes long term problems… taking a lot of money and time to fix (could take over a year to correct).  Also when all of the salons in town open again the last thing your stylist will have time for is a 6hr colour correction.  Please help us out and step away from the box colour!

4 – Use Dry Shampoo!  you know all them dry shampoos that you hate because they leave a white powder on your hair?  The white powder could help you disguise your darker roots… it won’t be a miracle worker but it will help… it will also create volume at the roots which will help hide your regrowth line.

5 – Change your Part!  Using a tail comb zig zag your parting (med/long hair). For all you shorties out there… try styling your hair without a parting, all forward and sweeping fringe.

6 – Coloured root spray – These sprays wash out and can be purchased in a variety of colours.  They are a great way to take away your visible regrowth until you wash your hair again.

I hope this helps but most importantly from all of the Houston Hair Team, Stay Safe, and a huge Thank You to the NHS and all the key workers that are serving us while on lockdown! 


If you are considering a new stylist and new look after lockdown Tower Centre highly recommends Houston Hair